Language Learning

At “MINERVA” Language Centre you can find the full spectrum of English language courses for all levels and ages. Whatever your needs, we are convinced we can be of help. We also have experience in organising courses in other languages, including Bulgarian for Foreigners.

All courses follow strict and clear logic, recognising the compulsory smoothness and consistency in foreign language acquisition.

All lessons at “MINERVA” School are 50 minutes long; as for the courses, they all have specific duration.

Only original coursebooks published by some of the world’s biggest publishing houses are used. Additional books and teaching aids, software and multimedia products, as well as our own materials, are also integrated into the learning process.

“MINERVA” Language Centre has its own grading system which is used to assess learners’ performance during the courses and on tests. This enables easier tracking of progress and provides learners and their parents with clearer feedback.

At “MINERVA” you will also find the characteristic feel-good factor, so necessary for easier foreign language learning. Besides that, we offer an excellent combination of expert language instructors and a stimulating learning environment.


Regulations, Fees and Discounts

The tuition and all company-client relations are in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions / Regulations of “MINERVA” School. The text of the School Regulations is available at the offices of MINERVA.

The client pays the fees due in advance before the beginning of the course or in instalments. If payment is in instalments, the fee and the deadlines for each instalment are set beforehand and the client undertakes to respect them.

“MINERVA” School offers the following discounts:

  • 5% when paying the full course fee up front
  • 10% in case of a parent working in education
  • 20% on one of the fees in case of a second family member
  • Discount on the first fee in case of late enrolment
  • Discount in case of a referred client
  • Special discount in case of an online promotion and the like

All details about the application of the discounts are available at the offices of MINERVA.

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

William Butler Yeats

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