Individual Tutoring

Individual Tutoring

At “MINERVA” Language Centre we can offer you individual tutorials in English (the so called “private lessons”) or in Bulgarian for Foreigners.

Enrolling on an individual course of studying is done as per the capacity of the School and only upon the consent of the Director, who takes into account his or her own experience and the client’s needs. If necessary, diagnostic tests are taken to determine the level and/or further clarifying discussions are held with the client. Learning is usually planned and offered in packages of 10 lessons. After the completion of each such 10-lesson module, the client renews it. At the beginning, the two parties set a timetable for the lessons and try to follow it as arranged. Reschedulling is possible but this should happen rarely. In case the client skips attendance for more than two weeks, MINERVA can accept other engagements at those time slots. If after that the client wishes to continue, (s)he must negotiate a new timetable. Pre-paid lessons may be taken up to three months after payment.


Education costs money, but then so does ignorance.

Claus Moser

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