Terms and Enquiries

Terms and Enquiries

Here are some General Terms and Conditions of work of MINERVA Translation Agency when providing translation services.

By placing an order with us, you agree to be bound by our Terms of providing translation services.

  • A ‘page’ means 1800 characters with intervals (30 lines x 60 characters and intervals) of translated text.
  • Normally, the page calculation is to be done for ‘translated page’ and not ‘source page’. In practice this means that when the translated document is ready, all the characters with spaces are counted and the total is divided by 1800 to give you the number of pages translated. This is done to ensure fair treatment – the translation fee is based on real volumes regardless of formatting and actual physical length of the document.
  • Our standard rate is typically applied when translating files from/to Word format.
  • The price may increase with tighter deadlines (quick/express order), which may require extra hours (including overnight), hiring additional translators, postponing orders from other clients, etc.
  • The price may also be higher if the source document requires a lot of formatting (for example, if it includes a lot of tables, charts, drawings or diagrams, which need additional conversion, graphical or other processing, so that the translated document matches the look of the original), or has more complex subject matter (e.g. technical texts), or is technically tougher and requires more unrewarding work.
  • The minimal volume of an order is 1 (one) page. Slight rounding up or down of the final volume is possible – for example, a document consisting of 37531 characters with spaces will amount to 21 pages. Similarly, a document consisting of 38121 characters with spaces will also amount to 21 pages.
  • Terms: the deadline must be meetable and shall be agreed in each case so as to reflect the difficulty and the volume of the order. Please, bear in mind that larger volumes and tighter deadlines will require hiring additional translators and editors so this will be reflected in the price. At any rate, we will try to have the translation ready as quickly as practically possible.
  • The order must be accepted by us. This is because we may have started working on other projects and not have the capacity to handle additional orders for the time being. Simply sending files to us via email does not initiate an order unless we confirm.
  • We do not accept changes in the order parameters once work has started. If such changes are necessary, the cost of the initial tasks remains outstanding and any new tasks are charged additionally.
  • You will receive the ready translation on paper or in an electronic form –.docx or .pdf file formats (or sometimes .ppt, if the source file is a presentation). We always endeavour to meet your requirements and preserve the formatting of the original document so that the document is ready for immediate use.
  • All other conditions should be discussed in the spirit of cooperation and good will.



Please, use the contact form below to make an enquiry about translation, terms and rates.

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Translation is like a woman. If it is beautiful, it is not faithful. If it is faithful, it is most certainly not beautiful.

Yevgeny Yevtushenko

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